about us

360 RESTORATION, Inc., (also known as 360 Construction, Inc.), is a midsized licensed and insured general contracting and construction management firm located in Long Island City, New York City. The company was founded in 1999 by Michael Higgins and has been involved in exterior and interior projects of all sizes, specializing in high‑end residential and commercial contracts.

Our greatest assets are our highly skilled, experienced staff and management. As the result of our many years of experience in multiple construction trades, 360 RESTORATION has the ability to foresee and overcome problems that often arise on typical projects and may cause delays in completion, minimizing over‑budget situations. In addition, we are proud that our staff and management function as one unit and operate within the boundaries of mutual respect and trust.

The talented staff of 360 RESTORATION is encouraged to continually broaden their skillsets in their respective trades which allows us to take the time to properly educate our clients, as we get the job done. We have in-house Finishers and Millworkers of the highest caliber, giving us the advantage of maintaining constant quality and efficiency with our projects. We are dedicated to giving our customers quality that exceeds expectations.

360 RESTORATION is returning integrity to the construction industry, one project at a time.


Superstorm Sandy passed through New York causing unimaginable damage. It devastated communities and destroying almost everything in its path. In November of 2012, our home was uninhabitable; the storm had wiped out our first floor, which was 3/4 of our living space. And Sandy wasn't finished doing damage as mold immediately started growing throughout our home. We needed a lot of help we had nowhere to turn because our families and friends were in similar situations. Then we met our General Contractor, Michael Higgins of 360 Restoration, and our luck started to change. MORE...
Michael was my general contractor after Super Storm Sandy damaged my home and my mother's house in 2012. The scope of work involved were removing and replacing hardwood tloors, isolation, sheet rock and mole remediation. In the process. Mr. Higgins remodel my basement adding additional windows and lighting. He is a visionary and can solve any remodeling issues. MORE...